Bone Framework

It be yet another PHP framework swashbucklin' ont' th' scene!

About Bone

Be ye wantin an MVC framework peppered with local pirate lingo? It be the most bare bones framework in the seven seas! Garr!

composer create-project delboy1978uk/boneframework your/path/here dev-master

Loot Bone Framework

Ye can download th' Bone MVC source code by sailin' over t' Github. But the Cap'n recommends ye install Composer 'n' do it that way.

Visit Github


Gaarrrr! We be needin' a foul-mouthed grog swillin' crew
t' sail th' ship t' th' fabled Monkey Island.
If ye like Bone an' want t' help conquer the seven seas, fork it and get aboard!

[email protected]